About Us

People have felt the need for transportation in their small society since the advent of small civilizations. And for this purpose, they invented the wheel that erected many transportation problems and, with the advancement of human societies, transport became one of the basic needs of humanity.
The idea of the establishment of Hamedbar Transportation Company was founded in late 1992 by the late Mostafa Shafiee and Hassan Shafiee. And the new company has become one of the successful companies in the field of transportation and has been able to make a small contribution to the development and circulation of the economy of the country, with its high management and high profile, and the efforts of its proud brother and the diligence of the personnel and drivers of the working people.
The transportation company of Hamedbar with successful management and perseverance has achieved great achievements in the field of transportation including the honorary plaque of the province's top transportation company from the Minister of Road and Transportation in the years 2003, 2004 and 2007 and Tablet The honor of the country's top shipping company in 2009.
The foundation of Hamedbar Company was based on the three basic principles of "Legitimacy, Trustworthiness, Honesty" and has always been in the process of observing the laws of the country and moving in the legal frameworks and the main principle of trusteeship in transportation and honesty In terms of speeches and behaviors and activities, Hamedbar is one of the important principles of the company.
Branch Bar
Shoush Square is located at the beginning of Rey Street and the branch of the freight transportation city located on the old road of Qom for the carriage of goods as petty goods.
Fruits and vegetables
Carrying out various types of vegetables and fruits and vegetables as soon as possible, and simultaneously loading cargo in the field of transportation of commercial and office goods.
The booth of the 100 major terminals in the province of Tehran also operates in the field of transportation of major goods and goods and commercial and office goods.
Car carrying
In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the company is one of the largest carriers in the field of carriage of passengers. Having a specially trained caravan, the products of large automobile companies such as Iran Khodro Automobile Group, Saipa Group, Pars Khodro and car Modiran are in charge.
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